N.Y. Gov. & Yankees Tickets

March 4, 2010

A second scandal has just come to light regarding New York City Governor David Patterson. Already battling criticisms of meddling in a domestic abuse case, accusations have now been made involving the embattled N.Y. Gov. & Yankees Tickets that he procured for game six of the world series. Now, pressure is mounting from leading democrats for the governor to resign. Continue reading below for the full story, as well as pictures and video!

NY Gov David Patterson  1

Late last year, the girlfriend of David Johnson, aide to Patterson, accused Johnson of domestic violence but never followed through with the charges. Patterson has been under suspicion of using coercion to silence the accusation against his top aide.

In defense against these accusations of improper use of power, Patterson said:

“I, at all times, upheld the oath of my office and never at any point attempted to influence or coerce anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do,”

Now, questions are being raised about the N.Y. Gov. & Yankees tickets that he received, free of charge for himself, two aides, and his son and son’s friend. The governor and his aides are allegedly allowed to attend the games free as long as they are there acting in an ‘official capacity.’ The problem is, Patterson reportedly took free tickets for the children as well, and apparently did not do enough to appear that he was ‘acting in an official capacity.’

The Public Integrity Commission, which initiated the investigation, has apparently stated that Patterson was not acting in an official capacity at the game, and that the governor did not pay for the childrens’ tickets until confronted by a reporter about the accusations.

However the facts play out, the net effect is mounting damage to the governor’s public image. Governor Patterson will have to act quickly and convincingly to clear his name from the growing rumors. What do you think of the N.Y. Gov. & Yankees Tickets situation? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com T. Jennings, Tina Paul

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