Lamar Odom’s Candy Cravings and More (Video)

March 3, 2010

Wait a second, is not “cravings” a pregnant woman thing? Maybe it is, but that’s not the case in the Odom-Kardashian household. Do you want to hear more? Then keep reading to know more about this “Cravings” thing and don’t miss Lamar Odom’s photos and video below.

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Sometimes we hear guys having cravings while their wives are pregnant right? Some people think that’s cute I think they are stealing our thunder, seriously guys that’s our moment, no more cravings for you men allowed!

But is Khloe Kardashian pregnant? Nope that’s not it, although Lamar expressed his desire to get Khloe pregnant even before they were married, remember he said he wanted to have a baby with Khloe soon while on Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea Lately? He has three kids from his previous relationship with Lisa Morales.

He got married to Khloe last September, they moved to a gorgeous house and at their new house it was where our dear Khloe discovered some of her hubby’s cravings. We already heard about his love for candy, she mentioned Lamar’s love for chocolate he likes to eats it in bed, one time in particular when he was eating it, and fell asleep with the chocolate on his hand, you can imagine what happened next right, perhaps Khloe can describe it better that I can.

“The only time (Odom’s candy obsession has) ever been an issue is when he brings his love of candy into the bedroom, and I don’t mean in a fun way LOL. I once fell asleep before him and he was eating chocolate covered almonds in bed and he fell asleep with them in his hand and then proceeded to cuddle with me. I woke up COVERED in melted chocolate. It was seriously all over me and I had absolutely no idea what it was or what was going on! It was one of the funniest moments of my life.”

Wow! that for sure sounds a bit uncomfortable, but Lamar has other cravings as well, for a certain power bar “Energy Blast”. Remember the commercial he did for those, he does likes them for real, which now makes me wonder…He also did a Taco Bell commercial alongside Charles Barkley, do you think he loves tacos too, or do you think he is only into sweets?

Take a look at some of Lamar Odom’s photos and video below.

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Lamar Odom Candy Cravings Video

Photos: Rachel Worth, Michael Wright, RHS,

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