Erin Andrews: Dancing With The Stars Contestant

March 3, 2010

Who is ESPN’s beautiful reporter who will be delighting us on the tenth season of Dancing With The Stars? Keep reading to know more about this news, plus don’t miss Erin Andrews’ photos  and video  below.

Erin Andrews 1

Not so long ago, ESPN’s reporter Erin Andrews thought her career was over, but for what we are hearing about her that’s very unlikely to happen, she will be making her debut on the dance stage during the tenth season of Dancing With The Stars on May 23rd.

For this stunning sportscaster, life hasn’t been always easy, in fact to be where she is now, she went through a long journey with highs and lows. She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in telecommunications in 2000 and first started with FSN Florida. Then it was the Sunshine Network and Turner Sports until she made her debut with ESPN in 2004, where she got her spot as the official National Hockey League’s reporter, but as time went on ESPN sent her to do the coverage in other sports like college football, college basketball and major league baseball.

It was during a baseball game coverage where the Mets were facing the Dodgers that poor Erin got hit on her chin with a ball, she was taken immediately to the hospital, luckily she got away with just minor bruises on her pretty face.

But it was Erin’s next kick that really left her absolutely devastated, it all took place back in 2009 when some video started to go around the web showing footage of Erin naked, apparently the video was taken through the peephole of her hotel room door, as you can imagine this was terrible for her as it must be to anyone, luckily the video was taken out of the web, and consequences to anyone trying to publish or downloading any Erin video will be taken into the law’s hands. As for her peeping tom, a 47 year old guy named Michael David Barrett, was taken into arrest and charged for taking the video, publishing it and trying to sell it to TMZ. Some time later Erin was invited on Oprah where she talked for the last time about her sad and terrible incident.

Now Erin comes back to us not as a reporter but as a dancer, since she was among the many celebrities joining the cast of DWTS, you probably know the rest of the cast, but it’s worth to go over the list again. Llet’s see we have Chad Ochocinco, Evan Lysacek, Pamela Anderson, Buzz Aldrin, Nicole Scherzinger and Jake Pavelka from the Bachelor. This season for sure it going to be really interesting, don’t miss it and don’t miss Erin Andrews’ photos and video below.

Erin Andrews photo

Erin Andrews Video

Photos: Drew Shealy / CC BY 2.0
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