Johnny Weir’s Vanity Fair Photos

March 3, 2010

Have you seen our famous exuberant and very talented figure skater Johnny Weir’s photos for Vanity Fair? These pictures are a must see!! Keep reading to know all about the pics, the interview and other latest news about Johnny plus don’t miss the photos and video below.

Johnny Weir

The last couple of months in the life of figure skater Johnny Weir has been sort of a wild ride, starting with his new reality show on the Sundance Channel “Be Good Johnny Weir”, but our dear Johnny wasn’t a good boy according to the guys over at “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” or PETA and “Friends of Animals”.

This incident with Johnny and the Animals Rights group happened at the U.S. National Championships in Spokane where Johnny finished in third place and was highly criticized by the group for wearing fur on one of his costumes. The animal rights group was so angry at him that even some activists began to send life threats to Johnny. He later agreed to take the fur off his costumes, not before adding his choice of wearing fur is a “Personal Choice”. That just served to infuriate even more activists, and Johnny ended up sharing a room with Tanith Belbin due to security precautions at the Olympics. Another controversy surrounding the skater was when reporters began to make unpleasant comments about his clothes, masculinity and manners, to which he requested reporters not to apologize but to watch their comments.

Today Vanity Fair has chosen (<--go to that link to see the pics) him to be featured among 44 Olympic athletes in the magazine’s “Faces of the Games”, but for this photo shoot he had some interesting and very flamboyant ideas of his own. The idea of Johnny's perfect photo session for the chic magazine involved body paint, glitter and Lady Gaga.

That was how Caitlin Callahan, make up artist for MAC, arrived at the Vancouver penthouse with her equipment ready to make Weir uberly glamorous, in just three hours. Now with his hair and makeup done, the photo shoot started not without Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance in the background and some cool figure skating videos.

After the shoot he sat down for a relaxing interview regarding his Vancouver Olympics experience and future plans; he talked about the fur on his costumes controversy, and did you know that he designs all of his costumes? In fact he is looking forward to becoming a pro at designing.

He also commented about the Canadian fans, his experience at these Olympics and his upcoming plans on the ice rink and off, which included the World Championships in Italy followed with some time off to relax with friends in Mongolia and Moscow.

Take a look at some of Johnny Weir’s photos and video below.

Johnny Weir pictureJohnny Weir photos 1

Johnny Weir Video

Photos: Dillon, / CC BY 2.0
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