Orioles’ Luke Scott Carried Guns In Locker Rooms For Years

March 3, 2010

What is the latest news regarding guns in locker rooms? What other athlete brought a gun into the locker room? Keep reading to know more about this news plus take a look at Luke Scott’s photos and video below.

Luke Scott

You might think that the last time you would be hearing about any player with guns in their locker rooms was when the Gilbert Arenas and Jaravis Crittenton gun issue happened last year. Now just a month later we also heard about that Kobe Bryant and Lebron James’ ad, that it didn’t mention any guns per say but guns were suggested or so some people thought. Well you see the thing with guns in locker rooms is because of that time back in 2008 when Plaxico Burress shot himself accidentally at a nightclub in New York, he is currently serving his time in jail and will be released next year. Due to this incident Major League Baseball has banned firearms or any other deadly weapons in the locker rooms and since Burress’ incident happened in a public place, in this case a clubhouse, the ban goes to the nightclubs as well.

So what does his former Houston Astros now Baltimore Orioles’ outfielder Luke Scott have to do with this? It was reported that Luke isn’t so happy about this new law regarding the carrying of guns for baseball players or any other athlete whatsoever. For many, this is what he argues – he has been carrying guns with him at all times and that includes inside the locker rooms for the last ten years. Back in 2008 he said in an interview that athletes are sort of the perfect target for getting attacked due to their money and fame; he thinks of himself as responsible and mature enough to be trusted to carry a gun and added that about 20% of athletes in locker rooms have their guns with them.

"I don’t think that everyone else should pay for the mistakes of a few," said Scott, one of baseball’s most vocal gun rights proponents. "There is a good reason behind the rule, I can’t deny that. The reason is you cannot trust 25 guys in a locker room to have the same respect and training as I do with a weapon. That I do understand. I’ve carried a gun for 10 years. I’ve carried them in the locker room, and nobody really knows about it. I know how to handle myself, and I stow it away where nobody really knows about it."

I see the logic in Luke Scott’s point of view, maybe he is responsible enough for carrying his gun, unfortunately for him this “Gun Law” seems like the most logical and reasonable thing to do. Take a look at some of Scott Luke’s photos and video below.

Luke Scott photo

Luke Scott Video

Photos: Wikipedia.org/Keith Allison

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