Chad Ochocinco Goes Dancing With The Stars

March 2, 2010

NFL’s wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals has been very busy lately, his latest goal requires some dancing from him, do you know what will that be? We have all the juicy details behind this news, so keep reading to find out and don’t miss Chad Ochocinco’s photos and video below.

Chad Ochocinco Johnson

Since last year we have been hearing interesting news about this wonderful football player, starting with his twitter account, which seems to be like his personal diary. Some people might think it’s getting a bit annoying, while others thinks his tweets are so much fun. What probably wasn’t so much fun was when he made a joking attempt when he showed a dollar bill as a “bribe” to an official during a replay challenge on November, 2009 for what he describes was a joke, it didn’t seem much of a joke when he was fined by the NFL and had to pay $20,000.

"I was just being me, I wasn’t going to do it for real." Ochocinco said.

Luckily the Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver had some savings, otherwise he wouldn’t have any cash to buy his birthday present, remember that absobloodylutely (don’t give that face this is actually a word) monster truck, Man! that was for sure one hell of a ride, and you wonder how he manages to keep playing so well so he can get the big bucks, well Chad allegedly said that whenever he had to test if his body is good enough to give his best on the field after suffering an injury he tests it at home. Actually his words were he has sex!!

"I had sex yesterday, With some of the moves I did — I should be fine." He said.

And how do you think he stays fit, yes I know what you are thinking – Sex!, but he also does it dancing, as you have probably witnessed, he has given some of his best dancing moves on the field either doing it the Irish stepdancing way or the Mexican way with a poncho and sombrero. So what do you think he will be joining, the Riverdance cast or The Mexican Mariachi Guadalupano? Neither of those, although that might be amusing. Chad is joining the cast of “Dancing With The Stars” or “DWTS” if you prefer.

It was rumored that Chad Ochocinco will join DWTS’ upcoming season as it was announced last night, the date for this new season on DWTS is March 22, other famous sports celebrities are Erin Andrews (ESPN reporter), Evan Lysacek plus Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut) and Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson. I thought I heard Kate Gosselin’s name somewhere too.

So here you have it, our dear friend will have the opportunity to shake his bon-bon on national television again, I think he will do great! He has showed his moves previously, if you haven’t witnessed it why don’t you be the judge of that by taking a look at the video below and some of his photos, and feel free to leave your verdict.

Chad Ochocinco Johnson photoChad Ochocinco Johnson picture

Chad Ochocinco Video

Photos:Aruna Gilbert, HRC/

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