Lindsey Vonn’s Law & Order Appearance (Photos)

March 2, 2010

Lindsey Vonn acquired another gold medal to her outstanding career, but is it true that she looks forward to pursuing an acting career? Movie or television? When? Keep reading to know all the details behind this interesting news and don’t forget to take a look at Lindsey Vonn’s photos and video below.

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America’s Ski Racer Sweetheart won another medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver on February 17th at the downhill event, beating fellow American Julia Mancuso, not before overcoming a shin injury that threatened to leave her out of the Olympics, but Lindsey’s relationships with injuries was not over. It all happened during her fourth event where thick fog was the unexpected guest that day causing Lindsey to crash during her first run and leaving her with a broken finger. Sadly she was disqualified during her fifth event, but now Lindsey is preparing for her upcoming plans, ACTING!!

That’s right, Lindsey will be the special guest on the hit television show Law & Order, a show that she is a major fan of, certainly the producers are delighted to have her and for her to be in it is just wonderful, apparently she loves the series and she even watches it before a competition to calm herself.

“This is a dream come true — both for the network and for Lindsey,” a source commented. “Lindsey is absolutely crazy for Law & Order. She joked that it was part of her training for the downhill event.”

I wonder what her part will be, what do you think? Tell me, I’d love to hear your ideas. As for Lindsey, she was so happy to be in it that she even joked about how it will be okay even if her part was as a corpse.

And What is the date for Lindsey’s premiere? According to the Law & Order producers, they want to have her on in May, exactly just before the 20th season finale. What a great way to close that chapter since she is not only one of the best skiers in the world, but one of the sexiest as well and if you have any doubts please be my guest and watch the utterly sexy video below, one word for it… WOW!!

Take a look at some of Lindsey Vonn’s photos and video below.

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Lindsey Vonn Video

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