Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods Rehab Phone Call

March 1, 2010

Have you heard the latest about Tiger Woods? Is he still in rehab? Who called him at rehab? Well all the answers to your questions are here, just keep reading to find out the latest news about our dear Tiger Woods, plus check out some photos and video below.

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Well it all looks like Tiger Woods is still at rehab, like he said in his no questions allowed press conference, he was indeed going to finish his rehabilitation program. After the conference he did receive the support and love of his family, friends, fans and even some reporters expressed their support to him. Now at rehab he still gets support calls like the one allegedly made by former President Bill Clinton.

It sounds pretty logical, he did in fact go through something similar, when his time as President was going on, even his alleged mistress hired attorney Gloria Allred. She is the same attorney representing certain alleged mistress of Tiger who got upset about the golf balls that have their faces on them, remember that one? Well Mrs. Allred is behind that one.

So former president Bill Clinton giving his support to Tiger makes sense but what makes me really curious is that Elin Nordegren was affected tremendously, her life was shattered by this whole thing, her children, family they all got utterly hurt by this, don’t you think that Elin deserves more support than her husband does? I wonder if Bill Clinton had called her, or perhaps his wife Hillary Clinton, she is the right one to talk to Elin, her life was also horribly affected by the whole Clinton- Lewinsky issue, then another thing makes me wonder is if Chelsea Clinton would talk to Tiger’s kids, nah! that doesn’t sounds like too much.

In other news we heard that President Obama joined Bill Clinton, he also allegedly gave Tiger a call, or so his mother allegedly said. You might wonder why? Well President Obama is a very talented golfer as well and for any golfer Tiger Woods is an icon, stills doesn’t makes any sense, well then let’s just say Mr. Obama was just being a good person, or perhaps President Obama didn’t call Tiger. Well that is one tidbit that might or might not remain private, even if he is such a golf fan, he still has more important things to do.

Take a look at some photos and video below.

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Bill Clinton Call about Tiger Woods Video 

Photos: Carrie Devorah/WENN, Adriana M. Barraza//WENN,

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