TigerTxt iPhone App: Cheating Spouses Watch Out!

March 1, 2010

Alert: Tiger Woods and other unfaithful partners could have been helped by this new program! The iPhone introduces the TigerTxt App, cheating spouses can now cover their tracks! Read all about it below!

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Creators say that apparently the name was a coincidence, as it was already created before the golfer’s scandal and they kept it. That’s pretty interesting if you ask me! This cell phone device allows messages, calls, etc., to be stored on a server and the user can set an automatic delete date! Continue for more about this sneaky install, including a video.

This iPhone app cheating spouses will unfortunately love, is one of many cool things this gadget can do. Obviously you can get your Twitter and Facebook, you can trade numbers with a bump, track your flight, pin point your location, and the list goes on and on. This one however may be ahead of its time!

Basically how it would work is, you send your mistress a text message and he or she opens it on their phone and downloads the app and can view the message. However it is never really on the recipient’s phone, it is saved on the server and has an automatic delete time embedded. You can set it to delete anywhere from one minute several days. And once it is gone, it’s gone everywhere. And get this: it can’t be forwarded or sold to anyone else!

After Tiger’s wife discovered text messages on his phone, it makes you think what would have happened if he had this TigerTxt then. This new tool can have both good and bad implications. The obvious victims are those who are being played. But also, spies, other types of stalking, etc., could be kept secret. I can see the inventor’s (Jeffrey Evans) justification for this product, but I sure hope it is never needed around me!

“People text like they talk,” he says. “And some of the things they say, taken out of context, can come back to haunt them.”

There have been ways to use a cell phone to catch cheaters, such as reverse phone look-up and some creepy ways to spies on cameras, but this is one of the first I have seen to help the cheater!

So what do you think about this app? Cheating spouses are getting off to easy or is it like Jeff says, it helps for those things that are taken out of context? Let me know below!

See this video of Letetrman doing the top ten Tiger texts!

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