Deanna Favre is Brett Favre’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 3, 2010

Meet Deanna Favre, the beautiful wife of Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Brett Favre. See photos, video and a biography of Deanna here.

Deanna Favre

***8/3/10 UPDATE***

Deanna Favre’s hubby, Brett Favre, won’t be returning to the Minnesota Vikings for a second season. Is Brett retiring? Pure speculation right now, and of course Deanna has seen Brett go down this road before. Will he retire, won’t he retire, blah blah blah. There is no official word yet from the Favre camp regarding his desire to retire…again…and his agent, Bus Cook, told USA Today – “I have no comment right now. I don’t know anything.” According to a source who spoke to the Associated Press, they claim that Favre did speak to Vikings head coach Brad Childress to let him know that the ankle he injured during last season’s NFC Championship game has not healed as he had hoped, even with the arthroscopic surgery he had in May and the many weeks of rehab, thus the decision not to return to the team.

One thing we know for sure, Deanna Favre has been a source of support to her football hubby for many years. Undoubtedly she’d want nothing more than to see her husband happy, but maybe, just maybe, she’d like to see him home for good.

Our original post on Deanna is below.

As a biography, Deanna was born as Deanna Tynes in December 1968 in Kiln, Mississippi. Deanna’s mother, Ann, married Kerry Tynes, who later adopted Deanna. Deanna has a half sister, Christie, and a half-brother, Casey, who died in 2004.

Deanna met Brett in Kiln, Mississippi, where they both grew up. They started dating while in high school, when Deanna was a sophomore and Brett was a junior. She attended a Poplarville, Mississippi community college on a basketball scholarship and went on to the University of Southern Mississippi to finish her degree in exercise science.

When Deanna was 19, she became pregnant with her and Brett’s daughter Brittany. She was born on February 6, 1989. Deanna was a single Mom and worked several different jobs to put herself through college. Since then she has followed him around the country offering good advice as he un-retires his career.

In 1995, Deanna made the trek to Green Bay, Wisconsin to live with Brett. At that time, it came to light that Brett was addicted to Vicodin and Brett virtually ignored she and Brittany. Brett eventually recovered from his addiction and has always maintained that Deanna is the reason for his recovery. It was during his recovery that Brett proposed to Deanna, and they married on July 14, 1996 in Green Bay.

Brett and Deanna would hit a rough patch in their married life in 1999, when Deanna realized that Brett had a drinking problem. He entered rehab yet again and has not had a drink since that time. Their daughter, Breleigh was born on July 13, 1999.

Deanna’s 24-year-old half brother, Casey Tynes, was tragically killed in an ATV accident while at the Favre home on October 6, 2004. A week later, Deanna was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Deanna would have a lumpectomy and endure five months of chemotherapy. She is now cancer free. Her experience prompted her to create The Deanna Favre Hope Foundation. They help women who are medically underserved (no insurance or underinsured) with breast cancer education as well as imaging and diagnosis services. As of October 2007, they have raised over $500,000 for the Foundation. Read an article about Deanna Favre here.

Deanna has penned a book, “Don’t Bet Against Me!” in which she speaks candidly about her breast cancer experience, her life as a single mom, and her marriage to Brett.

Both Deanna and Brett have said that they credit their Catholic faith in guiding them through their live struggles, particularly when Deanna was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Read a wonderful article about Deanna here.

More photos and video of Deanna Favre can be found below.

Deanna FavreDeanna FavreDeanna Favre


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7 Responses to “Deanna Favre is Brett Favre’s Wife (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    wally eldridge Says:

    deanna i am a huge brett fan i am from magee mississippi.i now live in kansas and operate a deer hunting outfit called central kansas whitetails.i would like to invite you and brett to kansas to hunt with me

  2. 2
    Wally Eldridge Says:


    I’m a Huge Brett Farve fan, and would love it if I could get you guys to come hunt with me in Kansas. I have a business ” Central Kansas Whitetails”. I sent the message before but there was errors on the page. You can get a hold of me by calling or emailing. XXX-XXX-XXXX

  3. 3
    a grandmother Says:

    I am saddened to read this. I think that your & Brett’s relationship is a far cry from being good example to your children and our young football kids. I am sure your Catholic Church would not condone your lifestyle.

    I can relate to your cancer, I myself am a breast cancer survivor,,,
    congratulations and I wish you much success with Hope Foundation .

  4. 4
    Bess Says:

    Thankful to find a site that doesn’t believe that this behavior is acceptable. Yes it is his life but this conduct should never be acceptible; the truth is it is sexual harrassment. The fact is that he is a sport figure portraying a family man image is bad enough but to think its ok to pursue a young woman that is close to his dgt’s age?? And not to forgot the pictures of his —- on the web!!! I mean is society take steps backward? Its ok for him to this because of who he is??? and the best is he’s not perfect–you right no one is perfect BUT this is not right!! If it’s ok for someone like Big Ben to assault women and ok for Brett to do this then is it ok for a teacher to have sex w/ student, is it ok for student ask for a good grade in exchange for sexual favor, then is it ok to rob a bank or beat up a woman because she refused to have sex. There is no difference it is ALL WRONG and not acceptance behavior; it doesn’t matter who the person is and what is title is such as President of US!! Wrong is wrong!! The question is his wife to answer can she live with this; that’s is no one’s business. I would say to her Good Luck!! And she doesn’t deserve this no women does!!; she didn’t do anything to make him do this.

  5. 5
    Brian Says:

    i found sex pics of Deanna Favre and Jenn Sterger on this link:

  6. 6
    Pat Doyle Says:

    I have not followed this whole thing extremely closely, but I have not seen any concrete evidence of any wrongdoing on Brett’s part. Where are the alleged photos he sent? Are they out there? Is there proof that he sent them? If so, condemnation of such behavior is entirely appropriate, but if not, hold you tongues. In the absence of solid evidence, it is at least as easy for me to believe that a sexy young woman is using this as a way to national fame (and possibly a payoff) as it is to believe that anything actually happened.

  7. 7
    CCM/lwoodfork Says:

    A brett you don’t have nothing to worry about, we all have hater that try to bring us down. You look good with your wife. god Bless you and your. Happy New Years. PS If you need a Professional DJ to rase Money to pay off Haters, give us a call located in Stockton, ca.A Real Satints Fan and Follower of the best, And you are one of a kind CCM from New Orleans (504)231-4844