Beer News from Brazil: Paris Hilton Video Heats Up!

February 28, 2010

Here is the Paris Hilton video commercial that has shocked Brazil into a firestorm of public outcry. In a country where nudity is the national pastime, one wonders why this is news in Brazil. Ever heard of Carnival? See Paris Hilton photos and the controversial video below.

Paris Hilton Brazil

At issue is a sexy beer commercial that was filmed by the famous U.S. socialite. We bring it to you because as a sports website, beer commercials are of keen interest to our readers.

The authorities are claiming that the Paris Hilton beer ad devalues women in Brazil. In reality it appears that some government official is seeking publicity. The actual video is tame by American and Brazilian standards.

The product is Devassa beer, a local Brazilian beer which I plan to try tomorrow in a show of moral support for the maligned Paris Hilton. In the ad you can see her rubbing a can over her body while sporting a very hot, black dress in front of a high-rise window. Onlookers gape including a stud man taking photos from afar.

Nothing to see here, but you can see the controversial video below and get over it fast. They say the Paris Hilton commercial is too sexy. We say so what?

Paris is a VIP follower of our Right blogs. She tweeted our Television blog last month which was good news for us. Hey Paris, tweet us again! What’s up in Brazil?

So readers, does this Brazil beer ad make you want to drink Devassa beer? Or do you want to see more of hot pictures of Paris Hilton? See below!

Paris HiltonParis HiltonParis Hilton photo

Paris Hilton, Brazil Beer Ad for Devassa (Video)

Photos: JudyEddy/

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