Jasey Jay Anderson: Canadian Snowboarder Wins Olympic Gold Medal

February 27, 2010

It is the second to last day of the 2010 Winter games and it is a fantastic one for Canadian Snowboarder Jasey Jay Anderson, he took home the gold. I have all the goods on Anderson and his win, plus an awesome video of him doing his thing on the snowboard.

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Jasey Jay Anderson has finally got himself an Olympic gold medal for snowboarding. After four trips to the Olympics he finally won a medal, the extra bonus is that it is gold and he won it in his homeland. The veteran Canadian snowboarder had this to say about his win to the Toronto Star:

To me, I had so much I had to make up in these conditions. I thought, true athletes thrive on adversity. I tried to be a true athlete. All I wanted to do was nice turns and do the best I could. I just worked, worked, worked to be the best I could be.

The 34-year old Anderson has over 15 years of snowboarding experience, he used to compete in the half pipe and snowboard cross. Although this is his first Olympic win he has won a number of Word Cup races during his career. If you have ever watched him compete you will know he is quite amazing on a snowboard.

He might be a snowboarding machine but he is also a devoted family man. Jasey, as he is referred to by friends, is married and has two daughters. His wife and kids were both there to watch him stand on the Olympicpodium for the first time ever. The Anderson clan calls Mont-Tremblant, Quebec home, where they live on a blueberry farm.

Wondering where his unique name comes from, well he told The Bulletin a few weeks ago that it actually comes from The Outlaw of Josey Wales, no not the Clint Eastwood film but the book. See his father was reading the book and there was a typo and Josey was spelled Jasey. His parents liked the name so much they named him that plus Jay, which is his father’s name. So there you have the lowdown on how Anderson got his name.

Jasey Jay Anderson is a Canadian snowboarder and now Olympic gold medalist.

Photos: www.wenn.com

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