Justyna Kowalczyk: Polish Cross Country Skier Wins Olympic Gold Medal

February 27, 2010

Met Justyna Kowalczyk. She is the Polish Cross Country Skier who recently won the gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Keep reading to know more about this news, her life and more plus don’t miss Justyna Kowalczyk’s photos and video below.

Justyna Kowalczyk

Justyna Kowalczyk finished the Women’s cross country event with one of the best closures in the Olympics featuring two great athletes – in one hand Marit Bjoergen from Norway and on the other Justyna Kowalczyk. With just tiny seconds between them but in the end it was Justyna Kowalczyk who takes the gold home when she competed in the woman’s 30k. Congratulations Justyna, already World Cup Champion and Olympic medalist!!

Justyna was born on January 27, 1983 in Limanoa, Poland. She now lives in Katowice, Poland and is part of the AZS AWF Katowice Club. Her debut at the Word Cup Championship was in 2001. She won the silver at the 2003 World junior Championships. This busy athlete has taken her place at the World Cup’s podium over 17 times since she first started, she is the leader at the women’s FIS Cross Country World Cup overall (1810 points), she was the ultimate winner in the Tour de Ski on January 2010 at Oberhof, Germany.

In 2005 she was banned with a two year suspension due to her taking Dexamethasone for an injured knee, unfortunately dexamethasone is a banned substance for the FIS doping panel, but a bit later her suspension was reduced to one year instead of two, giving Justyna the opportunity to compete at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy where she won the bronze at the woman’s 30k event. At the 2010 Winter Olympic she landed the bronze at the 15km Pursuit, silver in the individual Sprint and her latest – a gold medal at 30 km.

She has proven she has what it takes to be named an ultimate champion now this Polish Cross Country Skier will take her medals home with a big smile on her face and we are really happy for her. Take a look at Justyna Kowalczyk’s photos and video below.

Justyna Kowalczyk photo

Justyna Kowalczyk Video

Photos: Wikipedia.org/ Tor Atle Kleven

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