Amy Hayes Is a Boxing Ring Announcer

January 17, 2008

Meet Amy Hayes, the sexy boxing ring announcer. See photos, video and a biography of Amy here.

Amy Hayes Biography

As a biography, Amy was born in Wyandotte, Michigan on November 24, 1973. Her measurements are a perfect 36-25-36 and stands 5’5. Gorgeous!

Amy’s father is a broadcaster, and he was her inspiration for her career in broadcasting.

Amy was your typical tomboy growing up, playing softball and basketball. She took an interest in boxing while in her teens and eventually became a ring card girl. It wasn’t long before she decided she wanted to become the first female ring announcer. It took a lot of hard work along the way, promoting, emceeing pre-show fights, and even managing ring card girls. Her hard work paid off, and she was approached by a promoter for Fight Night Inc. in the mid 90’s. He gave her the microphone and was a natural.

WCW hired her for the Monday Night Nitro event, but regular boxing gigs weren’t abundant. She did some modeling on the side, from print ads to soft core posters. She graduated from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, Michigan, and started to DJ in Michigan, still never letting go of her dream to become the first ever woman boxing announcer.

She got another stab at announcing in 1999 at the Packard Music Hall in Warren Hall, this time it was her first radio announcement. She appeared on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights in 2000, becoming the first woman to announce a televised fight. She is a regular on Friday Night Fights.

In 2006, she became a wrestling announcer in Italy for Nu-Wrestling Evolution (NWE). Last month, she was the announcer for the Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista vs. Antonio Meza bout in the Philippines.

In 2001, Amy posed for Maxim, and the following year she posed for Playboy.

Check out Amy’s website for pictures and info.

See more photos and video of Amy Hayes below.

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