Scotty Lago: Jimmy Kimmel Appearance Discusses Conspiracy (Video)

February 27, 2010

U.S Olympic Snowboarder Scotty Lago was one of the latest guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live. What did they talk about? What did Scotty say about his impromptu departure from the Winter Olympics? Keep reading to know all about this news, plus check out Scotty Lago’s video below.

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On Friday February 26th, Jimmy Kimmel’s guest was our dear Bronze medalist Scotty Lago. As you already know, he was forced to leave the Winter Olympics in Vancouver just recently, and you already know the reason for that too. Right? But let’s go back a notch shall we?

Let’s begin with the moment it all started, when Scotty won the bronze medal on February 17th after scoring 42.8 out of 50.0 in halfpipe, Shaun White won the gold and Peetu Piiroinen the silver. Now let’s go to that night when Scotty and his friend were celebrating wearing his medal and a USA Team t-shirt, when they encountered a fan who was eagerly applauding Lago, unfortunately someone took the pictures and allegedly sent them to TMZ, and that’s where we are heading now.

Okay, the pictures became public everywhere you looked, certainly among the Olympic committee who were not too happy about the pictures, and talked to Scotty, and pretty much told him to apologize and go or they will send him home, so he apologized and headed home, where his hometown was preparing a major celebration for him, but not without making one stop first.

And that finally takes us to the main purpose for our story, so Lago was the guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, last night, he was received with applauses, and then came the interview. He showed his bronze medal and let Jimmy hold it, he told how every medal was different, the shape was pretty cool too because they are not like regular medals, these Olympic medals are all twisted, Scotty even made a joke about this telling his was that way because a certain girl bit it.

Then he talked of how great was his experience at the podium for him, the celebration at home how pretty much every restaurant in Sea Brook was congratulating him, then came the pictures. He said he didn’t know who the girl was but he did mention he talked to a friend and this friend talked to Michael Phelps (he had a similar experience) who told him, he did know the girl who allegedly was a reporter. Conspiracy? Don’t think so. TMZ compared the photos of the journalist and the girl photographed with Lago and they report there is no similarity. We don’t see the similarity either.

Then Jimmy asked him who exactly were the people at the Olympic committee who told him that he couldn’t be at the Winter Olympics closing ceremony, so Jimmy decided to throw Scotty’s private parade with Guillermo directing it. I have to say I really enjoyed the show, I have never seen Scotty, but he did seem like a great guy, down to earth, easygoing, funny and very handsome.

Take a look at some of Scotty Lago’s video below.

Scotty Lago: Jimmy Kimmel Live Video


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