Mary-Kate Split (Celebrity News)

February 27, 2010

One of the Olsen twins is single again. The news is 23 year old actress Mary-Kate split from boyfriend Nate Lowman. She may have already had her rebound as well! See more below!

Mary Kate Olsen  4

The two have been together for about 2 years, and got so serious that rumors came out last year that the two were engaged (but they weren’t). Now her representatives apparently confirmed that the rumors are true. What we aren’t sure about is how she handled the split. Read more juicy details, including photos and video.

Not a lot is known about why exactly the two split, but some sources say that they have been apart for a while. Check out some details and photos here. Also there is a new buzz is going around that she may have been allegedly smooching another actor, Josh Hartnett in a dark corridor at a party. It has also been said that she is now hanging out with Chace Crawford, from ‘Gossip Girl.’ You can’t believe everything you hear though, so who knows?

Even though the news about Mary-Kate splitting with her beau is out, the other Olsen twin Ashley, is having a very good relationship with Justin Bartha, who starred in ‘The Hangover.’ The two have also been out and about, including going to fashion shows. I guess she’s not the type to sit at home and eat a gallon of ice cream after becoming single again!

MK has been in recent films such as ‘New York Minute,’ and ‘When in Rome,’ and has been keeping busy in the fashion world as well. I am sure she will find plenty of things to fill her recent opening in time.

So what do you think about the whole Mary-Kate split news? Did you see the fashionista and the artist as a good pair, or is she better off now? I guess as time goes on we will know more.

Check out these photos and the video below!

Mary Kate Olsen  1 Mary Kate Olsen  2 Mary Kate Olsen  3 Mary Kate Olsen  5 Mary Kate Olsen  6 Mary Kate Olsen  7

Photos: Lia Toby, Daniel Deme, PNP, Nikki Nelson

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