Shane Hurricane Helms Released from WWE (Biography)

February 28, 2010

As you have already heard, Shane “Hurricane” Helms has been released from the WWE along with some other wrestlers. Why did that happen? How did Shane start his career with the WWE? Well I can tell you all of that and so much more. Keep reading to know everything about him, plus take a look at some of Shane “Hurricane” Helms’ photos and video below.

Gregory Shane Hurricane Helms

Shane Helms has been released by the WWE, as it was reported on the WWE’s web site, although they didn’t specify the reason behind their decision, other wrestlers like Maria Kanellis and Paul Burchill were released as well, but we can try to figure it out somehow.

Ladies first. Ok so Maria Kanellis allegedly said once that she would like to pursue her career in acting, she will be starring in Celebrity Apprentice this March, so perhaps she kind of asked for it, but nothing was confirmed about this sexy lady. About Paul, well his time with the WWE started in 2005, but it is quite confusing what might have caused the end, for he is a good wrestler. I wonder what will happen to his on-screen sister Katie Lea?

And now Mr. Helms, he was selected last year at the 2009 Supplemental Drafts by the ECW where in August defeated he Paul Burchill. It all seems to be going great, maybe just with the tiny exception of his little encounter with the law alongside fellow wrestler Chris Jericho, you know that one right? To sum it up, they got arrested for public intoxication and later released after paying a $120 bail, but I’m not 100 % sure that was the cause, for allegedly releasing him from the WWE, although there is also the rumor going around that he will be in the TNA, where his longtime friends Shannon Moore and Jeff Hardy will be, we will have to wait for that one guys, sorry, we will be informing you shortly, but you can read a little biography on Helms.

Shane “Hurricane” Helms Biography

  • He was born on July 12, 1974, in Smithfield, North Carolina.
  • Started wrestling at age 16.
  • His first nickname on ring was “The Show”.
  • In 1999 he signed with the WCW.
  • He formed the 3 Count with fellow wrestler Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias in May 1999.
  • In 2001 he left the WCW.
  • He signed with the WWE in July, 2001, and the Hurricane was born.
  • In 2005 he left “The Hurricane” and started wrestling using his name.
  • He was the 2006 Cruiseweight Champion.
  • In 2007 it was rumored he allegedly used steroids, but nothing was confirmed.
  • He used to date wrestler “Velvet Sky”.
  • His character “Hurricane“ was inspired by his favorite comic book character “The Green Lantern”.

Take a look at some of Shane “Hurricane” Helms’ photos and video below.

Gregory Shane Hurricane Helms photoGregory Shane Hurricane Helms picture

Gregory Shan”Hurricane” Video.

Photos: Dann

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