Chuck Liddell and his Girlfriend in the Reebok Nude Workout Video ( Photos)

February 28, 2010

Have you seen Chuck Liddell’s latest Reebok Ad? Is he natural along with his utterly “Hot” girlfriend? Heidi Northcott? His fiancĂ©e? All the details about Chuck Liddell’s Reebok ad is here, just keep reading and check out the photos and video below.

In the latest news we find out that The Ultimate Fighting champion likes to take his clothes off while he is working out. Allegedly, of course. Well that’s not entirely true, you see he did in fact take his clothes off during his workout, all of his clothes except his shoes, and that is also incomprehensible. What do you think? Is it really him? Chuck, along with his girlfriend, allegedly will be featured in the latest commercial ads for Reebok.

Chuck is stripping down along with his super sexy girlfriend. No, it is not Erin Wilson with whom he is used to be engaged. Chuck is in the naughty ad with his new girlfriend, Heidi Northcott. Is that really Heidi, though? Does her name ring any bells? The reason is because she used to date Jose Canseco.

Now Heidi joined her boyfriend in a steamy workout in where it seems to be his house as you will see in the video below, (allegedly of course) and it sort of gives you the impression that neither Chuck or Heidi know that they are the main characters in the video, it was rumored that the duo agreed to do work with the prestigious sport brand as Chuck already has a bond with Reebok. In the video below, you can make your own assumption if it really is Liddell and Northcott.

It is not confirmed if this video is going to be used or if that is what they were doing or how the ad is going to be. Chuck has been doing some acting in the past like his appearance on Entourage, 300, Cradle 2 and The Grave with Jet Li to name a few and don’t forget he also appeared in season 9 on DWTS. Just one recent update here, on November 16 it was announced that Chuck and Heidi got engaged, it all happened on November 4th during a helicopter ride where the famous wrestler popped the big question.

What do you think? Is it really them? Take a look at some of Chuck Liddell’s photos and the video below.



Chuck Liddell and Heidi Northcott’s Video

Photos: John Cronise/WENN, Agent 47/WENN,

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