Nicolien Sauerbreij: Netherlands Snowboarder Wins Olympic Gold Medal

February 26, 2010

Nicolien Sauerbreij is a Netherlands snowboarder and she just won a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympic games in Vancouver. Get all the goods on Nicolien here including a fantastic video of her doing her thing on the snowboard, you are not going to want to miss that.

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It is a great day for the Dutch as snowboarder Nicolien Sauerbreij just won the first non-ice skating gold medal for the Netherlands in the women’s parallel giant slalom. Although the conditions at Cypress Mountain were terrible, the snowboarders had to contend with heavy rain and poor visibility, Sauerbreij managed to deal with the weather and come out the winner. The 30-year old had this to say about her win:

I cannot believe it. I knew I was good but to win here under these conditions it’s unbelievable. I had to tell myself ‘concentrate, concentrate’. I couldn’t believe I was going for gold or silver.

Congrats on your win Nicolien.

The blond beauty was born in a small village in the Netherlands. Snowboarding is clearly a family sport for the Sauerbreij family, Nicolien has a sister who is also a snowboarder and her father is her coach.

She has been a fierce competitor in snowboarding for years which explains her 18 podium wins in the World Cup events, impressive right? In fact she just won the gold in parallel GS at the World Cup event in Austria in January. It has been a busy and now fantastic couple of months for Nicolien.

This is the third Olympic games for Sauerbreij, she also competed in 2002 and 2006. She was actually the flag bearer for the Netherlands at the Salt Lake City.

What a day for the Netherlands and snowboarder Nicolien Sauerbreij. I love snowboarding and anyone who can rock it the way she did in those horrendous conditions today deserves a medal in my book.

Watch the below video of her and you will see why she is so awesome.


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