Tiger Woods Sues PETA (News Update)

February 26, 2010

Have you heard the latest? ‘Tiger Woods Sues PETA!’ This is in response to an ad planned by the animal rights group. Read more about this story plus photos and video below.

Tiger Woods 4

The ad, which would have been a billboard located near the golf great’s home in Windermere, Florida, reveals a photo of Tiger and the line:

“Too Much Sex Can Be a Bad Thing … For Little Tigers Too. Help Keep Your Cats (and Dogs) Out of Trouble: Always Spay or Neuter!”

Oh my! A spokesperson for PETA admitted that getting a billboard company to even put up the ad would prove to be difficult. She went on to add that the ad was in no way meant to offend Woods but to send the message of animals that are put to sleep at shelters nationwide. Um, okay. PETA seriously didn’t think that would offend Tiger or his family? Come on! Speaking of family, what’s going on with his wife, Elin? Click here to find out!

TMZ reports that plans to run the ad have come to a halt because evidently his attorneys sent over a memo that read, ‘Tiger Woods Sues PETA’. No, just kidding. That’s not what happened. PETA revealed to TMZ:

“In light of conversations we have had with Mr. Woods’ attorneys, plans to run our billboard are on hold at this time.”

So obviously PETA got scared, and it’s quite doubtful that the ad will even run. And it looks like I am right. A new report reveals that PETA will instead focus on someone else who has had some transgressions (alleged) of his own. Mark Sanford. Remember him, the former Governor of South Carolina who admitted that he had an alleged affair with an Argentinian journalist? Oy!

So readers, tell me what you think about the latest headline of ‘Tiger Woods Sues PETA’. Looks like the scare tactic worked, eh? Wanna see what the ad looks like? Check it out here. You can see more photos and video of Tiger Woods below.

Tiger Woods 3 1 Tiger Woods 1 1 2 Tiger Woods   3

Photos: Judy Eddy/PNP/Carrie Devorah/ www.wenn.com

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