Go Daddy’s Beaver Ad Rejected for the Super Bowl (Video)

January 16, 2008

Go Daddy’s latest ad for the Super Bowl has been rejected once again…Basically, it was a beaver ad…No surprise that Fox rejected it, eh?

The ad was to feature Go Daddy’s current spokeswoman, Danica Patrick, and an animated beaver. Fox rejected the ad because an actor in the commercial said the word “beaver” three times in the ad. Seriously? Come on, you old fashioned censors. Give me a break. Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons would not divulge what the commercial was about, although he did go on to say that Fox told him they would have approved the spot if they used words like “furry friend” or “little engineer that specializes in building small dams”. Um, sorry Fox, not exactly the same thing…

Fans, don’t worry. Go Daddy will feature the video of the rejected ad on their website on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd. They are in the midst of trying to get the ad approved so that it can be shown on cable.

See photos of Danica Patrick and video below of last year’s rejected ad.

go daddy banned video

See more rejected videos from Go Daddy here.

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