Marie-Philip Poulin: Canadian Hockey Player Wins Gold Medal

February 25, 2010

Meet Marie-Philip Poulin. She is the Canadian hockey player who alongside her fellow hockey players won the gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Keep reading to know more about this news and don’t miss Marie-Philip Poulin’s photos and video below.

Marie Philip Poulin

Marie-Philip Poulin and the Canadian Hockey team just won 2-0 against the U.S. hockey team, the two goals were scored by Marie-Philip Poulin. This medal is the team’s third gold in a row. Way to go girls!

Marie-Philip Poulin was born on March 28, 1991 in Beuceville, Quebec. She is part of the Dawson College Blues Club of the Canadian College Athletic Association, but it was when she was sixteen years old that she first competed with the Under-18 National Team where the Canadian team played several exhibition games against the U.S. The next year at the 2008 Under-18 National Championships she scored eight goals and assisted six goals in other games. Her team won the silver medal. Her incredible contribution to the team earned her the Top Forward Of the Tournament Award.

At the 2007-08 season she joined the Montreal Stars where she made 21 assists in 16 games and scored 22 goals. When she got older she was able to join the Canadian Senior National Team and that year the Canadian Team won the silver medal at the 2009 World Championships in Finland. That same year Marie and the Montreal Stars won the Clarkson Cup in Ontario. Now she was awaiting to win at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

In 2010 Marie-Philip Poulin and her teammates won their third straight gold medal, while Marie scored the two winning goals. Shannon stopped 28 times as the U.S team tried to score, the last time that the U.S team defeated the Canadians was back in 1998.

Marie-Philip Poulin and the Canadian team fought with everything they had to keep the gold home, and Marie celebrated her goals and the fans joined their team celebration joyously. Take a look at some of Marie-Philip Poulin’s photos and video below.

Marie Philip Poulin photo

Marie-Philip Poulin  Video

Photos: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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