Derek Jeter: Yankee Forever, Free Agent? Not Interested

February 25, 2010

Derek Jeter wants to be a Yankee forever? And is he really not interested in becoming a free agent? Keep reading to know the rest of this news, plus check out Derek Jeter’s Photos and Video below.

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter says he has no doubts about his future with the New York Yankees. Derek showed up at his team’s training and said he has no problem with his ‘team policy of not negotiating a new contract with a player until the current agreement expires’. Jeter began the final season of his 10 year deal worth $189 million. He said he has never been a free agent nor does he want to be one. Derek also commented about having no desires to play for another team whatsoever, he refused to talk about the situation on his contract until the end of the season, but for sure it was an issue he will be discussing by the end of the year. But why exactly is that? Well that is mainly because the Yankees never negotiate with a player about renewing his contract until it has completely expired.
"I’ve said from Day One, this is the only organization I’ve ever wanted to play for, and that’s still true today, I was a Yankees fan growing up. This is where I want to be. I’ve never envisioned myself playing anywhere else, and hopefully I don’t have to," he said.

During 2009 he helped the New York Yankees to win their 1st World Series and on his personal record his fifth. Last year Derek Jeter batted .334 with 18 homers and 66 RBIs. Pretty good right, no wonder he is among the best paid baseball players.

The relief right handed pitcher from Panama, Mariano Rivera “Mo” is also on the final phase of his contract, both players are great elements in the Yankees. I think we don’t have to worry about them leaving New York, Derek certainly is not and we will for sure see them for many years to come at Yankee Stadium.

Take a look at Derek Jeter’s photos and video below

Derek Jeter photoDerek Jeter pictureDerek Jeter photo1

Derek Jeter Video

Photos: PNP/ WENN, Flashpoint/WENN,

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