Lydia Lassila: Australian Freestyle Skier Wins Olympic Gold Medal

February 24, 2010

Meet Lydia Lassila she is the Australian Freestyle Skier who just won the gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Keep reading to know more about this news, her life, career and so much more plus don’t forget to check out some of Lydia Lassila’s photos and video below.

2010 Winter Olympics 1

Lydia just won another gold medal in the aerials for the land down under, like her fellow Australian Skier Torah Bright, she will be taking the gold back home. This is Australia’s second gold medal on this discipline. Lydia’s score was 214.74 points, silver medalist Li Nina had 207.23 and Guo Xinxin, who won the bronze, scored 205.22 points.

Lydia Lerodiaconou was born on January 17, 1982 in Melbourne, Australia. Her heritage comes from Italy and Cyprus, she first started in gymnastics for a couple of years. It wasn’t until 1999 that she gave skiing a chance. As a child she studied at Our Lady of the immaculate Conception Primary School and then to Methodist Ladies’ College and had attended Westbourne Grammar School.

In 2005 fans might have thought that Lydia was not going to make it to the Winter Olympics in Turin after she had surgery to correct an injured ligament on her knee, but Lydia recovered in a record time and was set, ready go to join her team at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Her performance would remain in the fans’ mind forever after her painful screams were heard right after her second jump at the qualifying event, when she looked noticeably in pain when her pre-surgery knee ligament tore once again.
But she didn’t wait peacefully for her knee to get well. During that time she was treated with cold therapy and she created Body Ice, that is a “special compression cold therapy that adapts itself into the shape of the injured part of the body that needs to be treated”. To promote and distribute Body Ice she created BodySphere. Oh! And she got married!! That’s right Lydia Lerodiaconou became Lydia Lassila when she tied the knot with former World Champion and Olympic medalist from Finland, Lauri Lassila.

Lydia made her comeback to the slopes after her knee injury by winning the silver medal at the World Cup in China and today at Vancouver. Mrs. Lassila had her vindication by taking what she couldn’t have at Turin, her Olympic Gold Medal.

Congratulations to this incredible Australian Freestyle Skier! Take a look at Lydia Lassila’s video below.

Lydia Lassila’s Video


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