Lindsey Vonn Crashed, Broken Finger (Photos, Video)

February 24, 2010

It seems that things are not going the way Lindsey expected, as she recently crashed. Would you like to hear more about this news, then keep on reading, plus don’t miss Lindsey Vonn’s photos and video below.

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For U.S alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn things are definitely not going the way she was expecting. At first she wasn’t sure of getting to the Olympics in time because she was recovering from her injured shin that had been previously hurt during a practice in Austria, but due to the weather races got delayed, giving her time to heal and be ready to compete. Lindsay arrived at Vancouver winning the gold on February 17th at the downhill event, Julia Mancuso the silver and Elisabeth Görgl the bronze. However just last week at the slalom she lost her ski when it got stuck in a slalom pole and crashed. This time it was her dear friend Maria Riesch who got the gold, Julia Mancuso the silver and Anja Paerson the bronze.

Then on her next race she didn’t do that well and her husband Thomas said that the course was “Vonn-proofed” by the Austrian coach, a statement that the coach denied. Now Lindsey recently crashed, which left her wounded and perhaps not able to compete on Friday. This is terrible news!!

Lindsey crashed backwards on the safety net at her 1st run in the Giant Slalom, she fell on her hip, hurt her chin and her hand. At first she didn’t know how bad it was, she wasn’t even sure how she hurt her hand, because Lindsey was still on the course. Julia Mancuso had to stop and start over and she looked upset about it. The race was postponed to Thursday, it seems that fog was the cause of this incident, let’s hope the weather improves tomorrow.

"I feel terrible, and I hope she understands, I definitely didn’t want that to happen." Vonn said of her teammate.

After the doctor bandaged her hand Lindsey said she was going for an x-ray to make sure nothing was broken.

"I hope my finger is OK so I can compete Friday. … "I was like a pretzel – so tangled up."

Now we hear that she did indeed break her pinkie, and maybe she won’t compete on Friday, but again that same thing was said when she hurt her shin and she recovered, competed and got herself a gold medal, perhaps history will repeat itself.

Take a look at some photos here and the video below.

Lindsey Vonn photoLindsey Vonn pictures


Lindsey Vonn’s Giant Slalom Crash Video.

Photos:, Arthur Mouratidis, Gerwig Loffelholz.

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