Sledding Race in Germany (Video, Photos)

February 23, 2010

Actually sledding, but was this for real? You might probably think we are joking, but we are definitely not! Keep reading to know the rest of this outrageous news, plus take a look at the photos and video below.


Well this is the second year that Germany has their race at the Harz Mountain near the quiet and peaceful area of Braunlage, except for that Saturday of course. You might be wondering since it was a race, were there only utterly hot girls participating, but the truth is that nope, there were guys as well. In fact there were also sumo wrestlers, but wait don’t make that face I know that wouldn’t be a pretty picture, it was sumo wrestlers costumes, worn by hot guys I think, much better huh?

But to be completely honest there was also an elder guy among the contestants, sorry that was not a joke, that was for sure. The 70 year old elder man who wasn’t even participating in the first place got so excited about it that he began taking his clothes off and sledded down the course. He even got more applause than the real winner, 26 year old Christian Schmidt.

All right let me explain to you the basics about the race. There were 30 contestants overall; 15 girls and 15 guys. Their gear: well underwear (panties, briefs, boxers, thongs, g-strings, etc) shoes, socks, helmets, gloves, and goggles and that it they were ready to get their bottoms frozen and other parts at the 100 m course.

Protests about the race were made months earlier, but even so it was made, the thing here is that the event has become so popular in just one year that over 14,000 spectators arrived to see the event. I guess besides the skin exposure issue that certainly calls everyone’s attention, the event was sponsored by a popular radio station that had been promoting the event for a while.

“We had a lot of luck with the weather, a proper winter for [sans clothing] sledging.” said André Gierke from the radio station 89.0 RTL.

What about the police? Were they cool about this? Well, apparently they were or rather resigned to the fact that it was just so crowded they couldn’t do pretty much anything, it did kind of bug them a little though.

“The traffic is huge problem for us,” complained chief Michael Huth from the Braunlage’s police department.

Take a look at the some of the sledding photos here and video below.

Sledding Race Video.


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