Seung-Hoon Lee: Korean Speed Skater Wins Olympic Gold Medal

February 23, 2010

Speed Skater Seung-Hoon Lee took home Olympic gold for the 10,000-meter race today (February 23, 2010). Although, Sven Kramer would have won the event if not for a crucial error, for which he was disqualified. Read more below.

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17 laps into the race Kramer made a huge mistake that cost him dearly. So what kind of blunder is big enough to disqualify him for?

This is how explains it:

“Skater switch lanes on each lap, moving from the inside to the outside or vice versa. Incredibly, Kramer straddled the red cone that marks the boundary of the two lanes.”

What happened next boggles my mind a bit. After Sven was told that he was disqualified for the violation, he threw a temper tantrum rather than accepting the consequences for his error. During the outburst he removed his glasses and threw them toward the center of the ice and kicked a red lane marker, which sent it flying across the track.

As a result of the violation each skater moved up one spot in rank, which bumped Lee up to 1st place, and Skobrev and De Jong rounded out the top three.

As a biography: Seung-Hoon Lee was born on March 6, 1988 in Seoul, South Korea. No S. Korean speed skater had ever won both silver in 5000 meters and gold in 10000 meters before Lee did at the 2010 Winter Olympics. He is 5 ft 9 ½ in tall, and weighs 150 lbs… Readers, feel free to contribute to our bio in the comment section below.

Did you watch any of today’s Olympic coverage on NBC? If so, what did you think?

Click here for more information about the Seung-Hoon Lee, or find pictures and a video below.

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Photos: Neu, Saari

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