Carlo Janka: Swiss Alpine Skier Wins Olympic Gold Medal (photo, video)

February 23, 2010

Carlo Janka is the Swiss Alpine Skier who recently won the gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Would you like to know more about him? His career, life? Keep reading to know more about this news plus his biography and don’t forget to check out Carlo Janka’s photos and video below.

Carlo Janka

Switzerland acquired another gold medal to their record, this time it was Carlo Janka who won the gold medal in the Alpine skiing Men’s Giant Slalom in just 2 minutes and 37.83 seconds Congratulations to Carlo!!

Carlo Janko was born on October 15, 1986 in Obersaxen, Switzerland. He started skiing when he was just two years old in Obersaxen. His first competition was in 2001. At the 2004 European Cup he won the bronze (Giant Slalom); in 2005 he won the gold at the Junior-SM (slalom, downhill), finished fourth at the European Cup in the 2006-07 season and bronze at the 2006 Junior World Cup Championships.

In 2008 Carlo won the bronze at the 2008 Military World Championships (giant Slalom). He won the gold (giant slalom) and Carlo dedicated this medal to his friend Daniel Albrecht. He won the bronze (downhill) at the 2009 FIS World Championship at Val d’lsere and placed ninth at the Super G.

Important Facts about Carlo Janka

  • He played soccer while in high school.
  • His favorite soccer team is Manchester United.
  • His sister Fabienne is a budding skier.
  • His favorite skier is Hermann Maier.
  • Among his closest friends is Daniel Albrecht, who suffered a severe accident last year.
  • He is also known as “Iceman”.
  • His favorite food is Italian.
  • Among his favorite Music bands are Coldplay, Metallica and Johnny Cash.

This cool Swiss Alpine Skier is one of the many incredibly talented athletes in Switzerland and today he sure made his country proud. Take a look at some of Carlo Janka’s photos and video below.

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Carlo Janka Video


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