Allen Iverson Leave the Sixers Due to Daughter’s Health (Video,Photos)

February 24, 2010

The Philadelphia 76ers will not count on Allen Iverson for a while, It seems that he will take an indefinite break from basketball, But Why? Keep reading to know the rest of this news plus check out some of Allen Iverson’s photos and video below.

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Allen Iverson returned with the Sixers on November 30th, 2009, so what happens now, is he really going to leave the Sixers? Well yeah, he will but hopefully not for good. Allen did miss the All-Star Game along with Kobe Bryant in the early days of February, add to this that he missed five more games.

Now Allen is taking some time off to take care of his daughter’s health, no date has been confirmed about his return, or so NBA team president Ed Stefanski said.

"At this time, we feel that it is in the best interest of the Sixers, Allen and his family that he be allowed to deal with a very serious issue that is far greater than the game of basketball,"

We also heard that Allen Iverson will not be back to the Philadelphia 76ers, but that has not been confirmed yet.

About what exactly is Allen’s four year old daughter Messiah’s illness is is a bit uncertain, although it was rumored that she been battling with a chronic case of pneumonia, but not even doctors are 100% sure of what is really causing Messiah’s health to have gotten worse. Messiah has been in and out of the hospital in Atlanta and now is at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.

“If they find out its pneumonia, which they hope it’s not, they’re going to have to admit her again,” Allen reveals. “All I do is just pray on it … ’cause that’s all that can be done right now, ’cause they don’t know exactly what’s wrong with her.”

Allen and his wife Tawanna have 4 more kids, Dream, Isaiah, Tiaura and Allen Jr. About their children’s health Allen said that none of his kids have been this ill before.

“I have five kids,” Allen, 34, pointed out after practice in Philadelphia on Monday. “None of them have ever been this sick. It’s a first-time thing for me. I like to look at myself as a strong person, especially dealing with everything in my life. But this is a totally different situation; you find out you’re not as tough as you thought you were when it’s one of your kids.”

Our thoughts and prayers goes to Allen Iverson’s family and specially to little Messiah, we hope to see her as healthy as can be expected, and as to Allen’s return we can’t get enough of you on the court, so we will be waiting for your return. Take a look at some of Allen Iverson’s photos and video below.

Allen Iverson photoAllen Iverson picture

Allen Iverson Video

Photos: Carrie Devorah/WENN,PNP/WENN, Judy Eddy/WENN,

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