Seniors & Pot Smoking Is On The Rise

February 23, 2010

Seniors & Pot smoking, no I’m not talking about 12th graders here. I’m talking about over 55’s and their growing use of marijuana. It seems that everyone has that one really cool grandparent these days and I think they’ve finally found out why: marijuana use among the older generation is growing immensely as baby-boomers are growing into their 50’s. Check out the full story as well as pictures and video below!

Marijuana.jpg 2 Marijuana

People turning 60 today were 15 in 1965 and therefore grew up in the age of Vietnam and the “hippie” movement. Marijuana use was prolific in those days and the majority of youths were exposed to it at one time or another. Most grew out of the phase and stopped using, but now some people are turning back to the drug as they age for help with any number of ailments.

The drug is still illegal on the national level, and although its public perception is improving, it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. Executive Director Muskingum Behavioral Health Steve Carrel said:

“The 60’s flower children are senior citizens now or approaching their senior years and some of them didn’t stop what they were doing they just slowed down. Some did stop but are returning to using because there is less stigma about marijuana now,”

Reporters conducted some interviews to find out more about Seniors & Pot use. They spoke to Perry Parks, a retired Army pilot who uses the drug for medicinal purposes to relieve pain. He had tried all kinds of prescription pain killers, some of which are considered much more addictive than Marijuana. Parks said:

“I realized I could get by without the narcotics, I am essentially pain free.”

Do the increases in the combination of Seniors & Pot use validate marijuana use in America? It certainly makes it harder to paint it as the evil drug only used by misguided youths. Especially as it is helping some of them live a better quality of life. It’s something to consider as this debate continues.

For more information, check out the video below! BTW, you *must* check out our friends over at Pop Eater. HOT!

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