DiCaprio Sinatra Role (Celebrity News)

February 22, 2010

Rumors have been circulating in Hollywood for some time, but now it has been confirmed that the leading role of Frankie’s bio-pic has been filled! The star set to portray the fondly remembered crooner is Leonardo DiCaprio. Sinatra passed away in 1998 and this will the first film by a major director dedicated to his biography. News also indicates, thank goodness, that all the vocals in the movie will be from original Frankie albums! Check out the full story, as well as pictures and video below!

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News of “Ol’ Blue Eyes” biography has been circulating since Universal Studios and Mandalay Pictures announced that it would be directed by Martin Scorsese last year. This, of course, is where rumors of Leo taking the lead role got started. Scorsese, naturally, is one of the true greats of directing, but it seems in recent years he has taken a liking to what Leonardo can do.

If the DiCaprio Sinatra role works out, this would be the fifth collaboration that the two will have worked on together following “Gangs of New York,” “The Aviator,” “The Departed,” and the recently released movie “Shutter Island.”

Frankie’s biography would be a perfect fit for the dynamic duo, no one can argue that his life was boring. But if this is to be regarded as the definitive movie of Frankie’s life, they will have to be sure to walk the tightrope between laying bare all of his worst habits (womanizing, drug use) and painting him too cleanly for the sake of his most avid fans.

When asked if Leo would be singing for the movie, Scorsese quickly said:

“With those records? Frank will do the singing. But we’re waiting for a finished script.”

Still, even if Leo doesn’t have the pipes to imitate the old crooner (although he jokes he does), one thing he does have going for him is blue eyes!

What do you think of the DiCaprio Sinatra news? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Also, check out the pictures and a video of Shutter Island below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com Andres Otero, PNP

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2 Responses to “DiCaprio Sinatra Role (Celebrity News)”

  1. 1
    Steve Vancouver Realtor Says:

    lol, Leo rules in his latest movie. I love Inception! It’s such a mind bending movie that I think it killed the chances for me to enjoy any other movie!

  2. 2
    eastenders Says:

    Im sold on DiCaprio movies. Hes had some **** ones for sure, but all and all he choses good roles,and interestin stories.