Justin Timberlake Fashion Show Appearance Turns Heads (Celebrity News)

February 22, 2010

Justin Timberlake’s fashion show, featuring his label William Rast, was a huge hit during Fashion Week. His style is being called “sophisticated” and classy, as told by New York Magazine. Continue for more news about his line, with pictures and video.

Justin Timberlake

The pop star has been keeping us entertained with his music, and we’ve been following his on and off (or whatever) relationship with Jessica Biel. Now though he is trying to take on the fashion industry by storm. And get this, he is turning heads with his modern day “discoverer” look. What does that mean? Read more!

Justin Timberlake’s fashion has a specific idea in mind, and was described by him as:

“We had this idea of discoverers … and what does the modern-day discoverer look like?” he said in an interview earlier this week. “Biker culture brought the word ‘nomadic’ to mind, which brought the word ‘bohemian’ to mind.”

He seems to really have a passion for this and he also told MTV News:

“Well, I think since the beginning of rock and roll, people have wanted to dress like rock stars,” he said backstage at his show on Wednesday during New York Fashion Week. “I still find old Mick Jagger jackets that I wish I could pull out of his closet or something. Of course, they wouldn’t fit me. Very tight.”

It seems that so many actors or singers try and make it in the world of style, but Timberlake seems to have a very good mindset for the transition. He says, “we all want to dress like rock stars. That’s a pretty blatant correlation.” I have to say I agree with him and I really liked his take on fashion that was also wearable on the streets.

And I know you are wondering, Jessica and Justin are still together, or at least they seemed like it at the show. His mom apparently loves her and has nothing but nice things to say!

Check out this video of Justin Timberlake’s fashion!

Photos: www.wenn.com Apega

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