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February 21, 2010

Watch USA vs Canada Hockey live streaming here! The Olympic match between these two countries is about to start, so check out the web feed video below.


The USA Canada hockey match up has me a bit split on who I’m rooting for. I was born in Canada but grew up in the States so and am a U.S. citizen so…. I would love to see a USA win. Sorry Canada!

I’m rooting for the underdog. It’s been since 1960 that we’ve seen USA hockey beat Canada during an Olympic game.

Here’s what Bobby Ryan of the U.S said:

“This is the pinnacle of sports. This is two teams playing for that bye, that first-round pass. I think it’s a big thing for us. It’s probably the biggest game of my life so far, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Sure, Canada is a more experienced team than the U.S., but let’s not forget that the Americans have done pretty well so far in Vancouver. They beat Switzerland 3-1 in their opening game and beat Norway 6-1 earlier.

U.S. Coach Ron Wilson summed up the anticipation of the game:

“Here, every TV in Canada is going to be watching, and I think because it’s Sunday, a good many in the United States will be watching. Anybody who’s a hockey fan will be watching this game.”

So what do you think folks? Who are you rooting for? Team USA or Team Canada? I would love to hear your predictions as well. I know who my Canadian cousins are hoping will win, but I’d like to see a major upset. We will find out soon enough!

The game is televised live on MSNBC starting at 7:40 PM EST. If you want to watch USA vs Canada hockey live streaming, video is below. Go Team USA!


USA Hockey – Video

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