Therese Rochette is Joannie Rochette’s Mother

February 21, 2010

The 2010 Winter Olympic games have had many joyous moments associated with them, however unfortunately today for Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette the games will always be a reminder of the death of her mother Therese Rochette. Yes the news out of Vancouver is not all good today. I have more on this Olympic tragedy so keep reading.

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Therese Rochette is the mother of Joannie Rochette, one of Canada’s top medal contenders for figure skating. Therese died suddenly on Saturday night just days before her daughter would take the ice in the hopes of winning the gold. According to the Toronto Star the Rochette family had just arrived in Vancouver on Saturday night to support Joannie as she prepared to skate in the women’s short program on Tuesday. There is no official word on the cause of Therese’s death, however it has been confirmed that Joannie will continue to compete in the Olympic games.

Wow can you imagine what the Rochette family is going through, this is terrible. The death of Therese at age the of 55 has clearly rocked the family and the Winter Olympics too. Mrs. Rochette was more than just a mother to her figure skating daughter, she was also a confidante, a friend and a pivotal part of Joannie’s support system. In an interview in 2008 Joannie had these kind words to say about her mother.

“She has always been the most critical person about my skating, pushing me harder to improve. Even if it requires quite a big deal of humility at 22 to admit you need more of your mother, I expressed it and she drives from home to St-Leonard once a week to come to supervise with her unique eyes my training.”

Sounds to me like Therese was quite the woman.

There isn’t much that the world knows about Therese Rochette, other than she is the mother of Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette. The tragic news of her death has certainly shocked the close knit family and changed the tone of these 2010 Olympic Games. Our hearts go out to the Rochette family during this time.

Look for Joannie to compete on Tuesday and Thursday this week in honor of her mother. Below you can find a video of Joannie doing her thing on the ice, the thing that made her mother Therese so proud.


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