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February 21, 2010

Coming to a city near you, the Conan O’Brien Live Tour! Or at least, that is what the latest rumors are saying. The late night guru who was for all intensive purposes stabbed in the back by host network NBC may now be looking into live touring as a way to get back in touch with his fan base. Check out the full story as well as a video below the picture!

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The beleaguered talk show host continues to show poise and creativity even with the position he has been put in following his leave from NBC’s The Tonight Show. After replacing Jay Leno on the show last June, O’Briens ratings did not rise as quickly as the network had hoped. NBC then gave Jay Leno his own show in the timeslot before The Tonight Show.

Then in a move that everyone knew would come, but no one could really believe, NBC decided to push the Conan O’Brien’s live show back 1 hour, effectively giving Jay Leno back his old time slot. Knowing he was being taken advantage of, he quit the show immediately and delivered what I believe to be one of the best verbal smackdowns of recent times in his departure letter to his fans.

Now, as one of the many stipulations of his settlement with NBC, the comedian with iconic hair is not allowed to appear on television until September of this year. This is the reason some believe he will be scheduling a live tour to stay in touch with his throngs of fans.

Although a spokesperson declined to comment on the possibility of a tour, it is by no means out of character for the persistently creative comedian. A source told The Hollywood Reporter that the tour could start in America and visit venues in large cities and college campuses and then move to Europe!

“We’ve heard from the U.K., Scandinavia, Australia, Toronto, everywhere; it’s been incredible.”

However he moves on from here, his resignation and actions thereafter have had a resonating impact throughout America. For more about Conan O’Brien Live, check out the video below!

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