Marcus Hellner: Swedish Cross Country Skier Wins Olympic Gold Medal

February 20, 2010

Meet Marcus Hellner, he is the the Swedish Cross Country Skier who just won the gold in Vancouver. Keep reading to hear more about this news, his bio and some of Marcus Hellner’s photos and video below.

Marcus Hellner

Marcus ended the Men’s 30 kilometer cross country pursuit like the kings winning the gold, the German Tobias Angerer won the Silver and fellow Swedish pal Johan Olsson the bronze. Marcus finished his race in 1 hour 15 minutes and 11.4 seconds, great timing, even to looked back at his fellow skaters and celebrated his victory. Congratulation Marcus!!!

"I felt fresh the whole time, When one of my best friends (Olsson) is on the podium, the feeling is even better." Said Marcus Hellner.

This young Skier was born on November 25, 1985 in Lerdala, Sweden. Marcus is part of the Gellivare Skidallians Club. He started competing in the Junior Championships where he won many titles, but it was not until the 2007 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships that Marcus got away with the bronze in the Men’s 4 x 10 km. He won the men’s 15 km in the 2008 FIS World Country Cross at Gallivare, Sweden. At the Winter Olympics in Vancouver he first competed on February 15th at the men’s 15 km (individual0 where he ranked fourth with a score of 34.13.5 and just recently he joined the Gold medalist’s group when he totally rocked at the 30 km (pursuit).

Facts About Marcus Hellner

  • Marcus speaks Swedish and English.
  • He is also known by his nickname Makkan.
  • His coach is Joakim Abrahamsson.
  • Besides skiing he also likes to go hunting.
  • He has been competing since 2003.
  • He won his first World Cup at his natal Sweden in 2008.
  • He is a well skilled poker player.
  • In June, 2007 he got sick with periostitis.
  • He resides in Malmberget, Sweden.
  • Marcus is 6’0” and weights 165 lbs.

For this young and promising Swedish Cross Country Skier, the medals will keep coming, so you better keep your eye on him. Take a look at some of Marcus Hellner’s photos and video below.

Marcus Hellner photo

Marcus Hellner Video

Photos: Kjellman/Petr Novák

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