Marit Bjorgen: Norwegian Cross Country Skier Wins Olympic Gold Medal

February 19, 2010

Meet Marit Bjorgen, she is the Norwegian Cross Country Skier who just won the gold at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Keep reading to know the rest of this news, her biography, plus don’t miss some of Marit Bjorgen photos and video below.

Marit Bjorgen

Marit Bjorgen just won the gold in the individual sprint and individual pursuit at the 2010 Winter Olympics, this certainly is a good reward after her past Olympics in Turin, where she suffered bronchitis and an upset stomach, but now she is taking home the one medal she couldn’t possess in 2006.

Marit Bjorgen was born in Trondheim, Norway on March 21, 1981. She graduated with a degree in Anatomy and Physiology from the Norwegian University.

Marit started competing at the World Cups since 2000, in the 2002-03 season she ranked 6th after she won the title. During the 2003-04 season she won second place at the World Cup where she totally dominated the sprint events. She won the FIS World Cup in Japan and the Sprint Cup, she finished fourth in the overall rankings. From 2004-2005 she won both titles (Sprint and overall).

At the 2003 World Championships in Val di Femme, Italy she won the gold (individual) and silver (4x5km), bronze at team sprint. She won three more golds at the 2005 World Championships in Japan.

Marit suffered from bronchitis and the stomach flu at the 2006 Olympics in Turin, perhaps there was something wrong with the meal that several athletes ate, because others like Evan Lysacek and Johnny Weir got sick too. Marit was able to catch up in the 4×5 relay event where she came out fifth, she finished with the silver medal in the 10 km.

In 2010 she was back and ready to win some gold. In Vancouver she won the Bronze at the 10km (freestyle) and two golds in the individual sprint and pursuit event.

Facts about Marit Bjorgen

  • The World Anti Doping Agency allowed Marit to use her asthma medication (this medication is forbidden on the WADA List.
  • She left the 2006 Olympics after she felt totally humiliated when she finished fifth in the 4×5 relay.

Congratulations to this amazing Norwegian Cross Country Skier, her gold medal is a great souvenir from these Olympics to take home, not to mention an enormous honor.

Take a look at some of Marit Bjorgen photos and video below.

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Marit Bjorgen Video.

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