Rafael Nadal in Sharika’s Video Gypsy (Photos, Video)

February 19, 2010

Have you heard the latest news about Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal and Colombian singer Sharika? They will be together in a steamy music video. Keep reading to know the rest of this interesting news, plus take a look at some of Rafael Nadal’s photos and video below.

Rafael Nadal 1Sharika 1

Rafael Nadal is one of the best and sexiest tennis players in the World, even a fan couldn’t resist Rafael’s good looks and even a girl proposed to him during a tennis match. Sadly he is already taken, his long time girlfriend is the Spanish bombshell Francisca “Xisca” Perello, but this doesn’t stop him from cuddling with other girls, in music videos that is.

That’s right, Rafa will be the sexy love interest in Shakira’s third single “Gypsy” or “Gitana” in Spanish, from her latest music album “She Wolf”.

The two of them looked utterly “Hot”, Rafael appeared wearing jeans and a t-shirt and shirtless in other parts of the video, while Shakira wears a sheer top and skirt. Rafael and Shakira met about a year ago, she didn’t hesitate on asking him to be in one of her videos, to that we already know what was his answer.

It was reported that Rafael and Sharika were spotted having dinner in Barcelona, then Shakira was spotted at one of Rafael’s tennis matches; rumors about them being in an alleged romantic affair started, but Rafael Nadal’s representative denied such a thing, he told the media that their dinner encounter was strictly business.

"We were all there, and Shakira only came when we’d finished the main course to have something to drink, accompanied by her manager, Ceci Kurzman, and Jaume. It was a dinner organized with the director to brief Rafa on what was expected from him in the video."

Shakira, on the other hand is dating her long time boyfriend Antonio de la Rua, who is also the son of Argentina’s former president.

Shakira’s music video “Gypsy” will air on February 26, but we won’t keep you waiting, you can check out some of Rafael Nadal’s photos here plus the Video below.

Rafael Nadal photoRafael Nadal picture

Rafael Nadal in Shakira’s video “Gypsy”

Photos: Adriana M. Barraza, Flashburst, Aruna Gilbert, www.wenn.com

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