Lynsey Nordstrom Is A Jessica Simpson Impersonator

January 14, 2008

Photos of Lynsey Nordstrom impersonating Jessica Simpson at the Giants vs. Cowboys game yesterday are surfacing and heh heh, leave it to the New York Post for planting her there. Did she really distract Tony during the game and should she be blamed for their loss? Naw. Video of Lynsey Nordstrom impersonating Jessica is below.

Lynsey, a makeup artist, wore a pink No. 9 jersey and sat in the third row. Lynsey attempted to make her way near the Cowboys’ bench but was turned away. A security guard at the stadium said:

“Y’all get back to your seats…We don’t need Jessica Simpson.�?

Even though the real Jessica Simpson wasn’t at the game yesterday, her lookalike certainly fooled fans, with some of them chomping at the bit to get a photo with her. Check out some pictures of Lynsey on her MySpace page. She looks pretty damn close to Chestica.

This isn’t the first time that Lynsey has impersonated Jessica. She appeared in a liquor ad, beating out five other Jessica lookalikes and she was such a dead ringer that even celebrity blogger Perez Hilton was fooled!

Looks like you can take as many trips as you’d like with Jessica, Tony…now that you’ve got some extra time on your hands.

See more photos and video of Lynsey Nordstrom below.

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