Tanja Szewczenko: German Olympic Figure Skater (Photos, Video)

February 18, 2010

Meet Tanja Szewczenko, she is the German Figure Skater longing to take the Olympic Medal home. Keep reading to get to know her a little bit more plus check out some of Tanja Szewczenko’s photos and video below.

Figure Skating

Tanja was born in Dusseldorf, Germany on July 26, 1977, she is not just a figure skater, but an actress as well. Tanja has been on television shows, movies and theaters since 1999, like when she joined the cast of Klinikum Berlin Mitte, she was a supportive character. She also had the opportunity to appear as herself on the television show Polizeiruf 110, and also made a movie adapted for television called Weihnachten für einen Engel that same year. In 2000 she starred in the television show Hinter Gittern, she portrayed Sojna Kirsh in the 2003 German film Der Pralinenmörder. From 2002 until 2005 she was the main character in the daily show Unter Uns and in 2006 to 2009 she was in the soap opera Alles was Zahlt with fellow skater Norman Jeschke.

Now let’s take a look at her figure skating career. She started her skating training when she was two years old at the DEG Association in Dusseldorf. Five years later she was competing in her first skating event which she won.

In 1992 she won the gold at "Pokal der blauen Schwerter", she was part of the Stars on Ice in 1993 in Germany. In 1994 she joined the Tom Collins and the Elvis Stoijko Tour, won the bronze at the 1993 Junior Championships and another gold at the Nations Cup. The next year she won once again the gold at the German Championships, 4th place at the Junior World Championships and 6th place at the Winter Olympics in Norway and Bronze at the World Championships.

In 1995 she won two gold medals at Skate Israel and at the Nations Cup, two more in 1997 (NHK trophy and German Championships), Silver at the 1998 World Cup Championships and bronze at the European Championships.

During her retirement she joined the 2000 Stars on Ice in Germany, Holiday on Ice in 2007 and again in 2009 with her fellow skater/ co-star in Alles was Zalt, Norman Jeschke. Unfortunately she did not qualify for the Olympics and hoped that we would be seeing a new, stronger and more talented Tanja.


 Important Facts about Tanja.

  • Tanja is a skilled Ballet dancer as well as she dances jazz and modern dance.
  • She is a knock-out boxer.
  • At her first national Championship she did not just win the gold, but also defeated Germany’s skating champion Katerina Witt.
  • In 1996-97 she suffered virus infections that caused a severe cardiac muscle infection.
  • She had to retire from skating when she suffered another infection in her ankle.
  • After her retirement she focused on her acting.
  • In 2008 French television aired her daily t.v show “Le reve of Diana”
  • She posed twice for Playboy (German Edition).
  • She wrote a story book for children.

Although we did not see her back on the rink, she still is one of the Hottest German figure Skaters in the World. Take a look at a Tanja Szewszenko video below.

Winter Olympics photo

Tanja Szewczenko Video.

Photos: Wikipedia.org/ Dr.frog, www.wenn.com

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