Tiger Woods’ News Conference

February 18, 2010

Where in the world is Tiger Woods? After months of silence there is breaking news that there will be a Tiger news conference Friday. What will be discussed? See more below the photo.

Tiger Woods   2

Woods has been in hiding and talking to no one. Not even a camera has seen him since the debacle started near Thanksgiving with the car crash. So why now is it urgent to have a press conference, that couldn’t wait until next week (after the Accenture’s PGA Tour event)? Continue for all the details, including photos and video.

We all know what happened, and what a mess has come of it. What we don’t know is why Tiger has been so silent, and what he all of a sudden needs to say. According to a law journal article back in December, it was the golfer’s lawyers that advised him to stay hidden and quiet. Roy Black described that there wouldn’t be much good in making a big deal about this and stated that,

“If he keeps the same strategy, he doesn’t talk to the police, keeps quiet, stays at home, she doesn’t say anything, I think sooner or later, it will blow over, no matter how much pressure is put on this.”

Well that early on in the drama. Obviously we all know it has not blown over, but rather has gotten worse. I think it’s about time to hear Tiger’s news conference and to see what he has to say. Even if it just gives us some conclusion on it so we can move on (yes we all need to move on). Some say though, that this really won’t accomplish much.

Apparently it is going to be a very limited conference, with only select reporters being included. And get this, no questions allowed! So he’s going to control it and tell us how sorry he is and what he plans for the future? Well that’s what his agent says, though no one really knows what it will be about.

The other big issue and concern I have about all this, is the timing of it. It is during a tour which dropped him, and has to be done by this week. After 3 months of silence, now it’s urgent? However, I have to admit it makes me very curious! You can read more about all the details in this Fox Sports article.

Let me know what you think about the upcoming Tiger news conference, and take a look at the photos and video below!

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods Mistress Tiger Woods Mistress   2 Tiger Woods Mistress   3 Tiger Woods   3

Photos: www.wenn.com KOKOPIX, JDH/JCP, Judy Eddy, PNP, Carrie Devorah

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