Wang Meng: Chinese Speed Skater Wins Olympic Gold Medal

February 17, 2010

Do you know who Wang Meng is? Well, folks, this Chinese Speed Skater just won the Olympic Gold medal in the 500 meter short track event. Read a short biography plus see Wang Meng photos and video below.

Wang Meng

The race started off with a restart, then a false start, but the Chinese speed skater took the lead early on and never let go of it.

Meng was the heavy favorite to win the 500 meter race, and she finished with a time of 42.98 seconds. She was the gold medal winner in the 500 meters in 2006 at the Turin Olympic Games, where she also won additional medals in the 1,000 meters and 1,500 meter events, earning silver and bronze respectively.

The final, which consisted of four skaters, saw the host country’s own Marianne St-Gelais as she took the silver medal and Arianna Fontana of Italy took third to win the bronze medal. The other Canadian in the final, Jessica Gregg, wound up in fourth.

She is a gold medal favorite in the other events she will be competing in as well – the 1000m, 1500m and the 3000m relay.

As a biography, here is what we know about Wang Meng. The Chinese Speed Skater was born on April 10, 1985 so she is 24 years of age. She is a native of China and currently makes her home in Beijing.

She first laced on the skates at 9 years of age and it was not long before she started skating competitively. Her debut at the World Cup was in the 2002-2003 season and just the following year she was the overall winner.

One thing for sure, she is a steady competitor, regularly winning gold medals at the 2008 and 2009 Worlds.

As mentioned above, she did compete at the 2006 Turin Olympics, and took home the gold in the 500 meter event, plus a silver and bronze in the 1000 meter and 1500 meter events.

What does Wang like to do for fun? Computer games! Oh, and she is an avid luxury car buff and hopes to one day own a Bugatti Veyvron to the tune of $2 million. You go girl! You sweep the golds in all of your events in Vancouver and heck your wish might just come true!

Again, our congratulations to Wang Meng on your Olympic Gold medal win tonight. No doubt this Chinese speed skater has a lot to celebrate tonight. You can see more Wang Meng photos and video below.

Wang Meng Photo Wang Meng Picture Wang Meng Pic


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