Pang Qing: Chinese Olympic Pairs Skater (Photos, Video)

February 17, 2010

Meet the Chinese Ice Princess Pang Qing, she delighted us with her performances at these 2010 Winter Olympics.What else do you know about her? Keep reading to know her biography, plus don’t miss Pang Qing Photos and Video Below.

Pang Qing

Pang was born on December 24, 1977, in Hardin. Pang started skating since she was six tears old as a single figure skater, later on she teamed up with Tong Yian by her coach’s suggestion. Their first coach was Yao Bin, and although they were coach-less for a while, it is the same Yao Bin who coached them once again. At the 1997 Chinese National Championships they won the silver and they placed fifth at the 1999 Four Continents championships and first at the World Championships.

In the 2003-04 season they won two golds at the Four Continents Championships and at the Chinese Championships plus silver at the Cup of Russia. The next season they won the bronze at the 2004 World Championships, fifth at the 2006 Winter Olympics and first at the 2006 World Olympics. Sadly an injury left them out of the Skate America that season, but they came out winning the silver at the Cup of China, Four continents Games and the Winter Olympics. They won the bronze at the 2007 Grand Prix final after losing the first three major events at the Grand Prix.

Although in the 2007- 08 season they won the Four Continents, they landed fifth at the World Championships. The next season they won both the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Final and their fourth Four Continents Championships. They also won the NHK trophy in Japan. In 2009 they won two silvers at the Grand Prix and at the Grand Prix Final. At the 20010 Winter Games in Vancouver they won the silver medal and her partner’s kiss, I guess they are not just partners on the ice, but partners in “Loooove” as well.

Besides skating Pang also loves to play basketball, go bowling, practices horseback riding, read novels and magazines as well as surf the web in her free time.

Pang Qing for sure is part of one of the greatest Chinese Pairs skaters, and she will keep on adding medals and more titles to her personal record. Take a look at some Pang Qing photos and video below.

Pang Qing photo2010 Winter Olympics Photo 1 2 3

Pang Qing Video

Photos: David W. Carmichael,

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