Magdalena Neuner: German Biathlete Wins Olympic Gold Medal (Photos, Video)

February 21, 2010

Meet the beautiful Magdalena Neuner. Who is she, you might ask? She is a German biathlete who just won an Olympic Gold medal in the 10k Biathlon event. Read a biography plus more Magdalena Neuner photos and video below.

Magdalena Neuner

****UPDATE 2/21/10****

Congratulations to Magdalena Neuner once again on winning the Olympic Gold medal in the 12.5k mass start of the women’s biathlon. She won the gold this past Tuesday in the 10k pursuit and a silver medal in the 7.5k on Tuesday. Neuner completed the event in 35 minutes and 19.6 seconds. Of the medals she has won at these Games, she said:

“It’s simply that I am absolutely confident these days. I know what I can do, and I am simply enjoying it.”

…And now back to the original post:

Olga Zaitseva of Russia took second to take the silver, and Simone Hauswald of Germany came away with the bronze.

After having been a world champion six times over, Magdalena Neuner can finally savor the taste of winning an Olympic Gold medal. The German Biathlete closed the gap to win the women’s 10K pursuit.

Neuner, who won the silver in the sprint behind Slovakia’s Anastaia Kuzmina on Saturday, started two seconds behind her, and in the end proved victorious by finishing up the course in 30 minutes and 16 seconds, forging 12.3 seconds ahead of Kuzmina, with a penalty and all.

Of her rounds of shooting, she said:

“I was just so damn nervous for that final shot as I thought, This is the shot the title hangs on. Then of course I fired wide and I was shaking at that point [but] I told myself, ‘Just hang in there and stay on your skis’. But I felt good beforehand and I resolved to concentrate hard on the shooting as I knew that in terms of skiing nobody could get the better of me.”

Frances’s Marie Laure Brunet came in third to capture the bronze.

As a biography, here is what is known about the ever so gorgeous Magdalena Neuner. She is a native of Germany and was born in February of 1987, so she is 23 years of age. When was she first introduced to the biathlon? She was only nine years old and actually started skiing at four years of age. When she was 16, she completed high school to follow her dream of competing professionally as a biathlete.

She has won several medals and championship titles in her young career, here are some highlights:

Junior World Championships: 2004 – Gold medals in the Sprint and Relay; Silver in Pursuit. 2005 – Gold in Sprint, Silver medals in Pursuit and Relay. 2006 – Gold medals in Pursuit and Relay; Silver in Sprint, and in 2008 – Gold medals in the Sprint and Pursuit.

World Championships: 2007 – Gold in Sprint, Pursuit and Relay. 2008 – Gold in Mass Start, Relay and Mixed Relay. 2009 – Silver in Relay.

She won the Silver at the 2010 Winter Olympics during the Sprint event on Saturday and today won Gold in Pursuit.

In her spare time, she loves to knit, and even has her own blog about knitting. Did you know that she was asked to pose nude for German Playboy? Sorry boys, she said no.

Congratulations to the German biathlete on her Olympic Gold Medal win! You can see more Magdalena Neuner photos and video below.

Magdalena Neuner photo Magdalena Neuner picture Magdalena Neuner pic

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