Marion Jones Gets 6 Months In Prison

January 11, 2008

Even after former Olympic champion Marion Jones begged the judge that she not be separated from her two young kids, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas sentenced her to 6 months in prison for lying to federal investigators about her steroid use and check fraud. See photos below.

Marion Jones sentenced to 6 months in prison.

His sentence was meant to serve as a message to athletes who abuse drugs.

“Athletes in society have an elevated status, they entertain, they inspire, and perhaps, most important, they serve as role models,” Karas said.

In addition to the jail term, she will be on probation for two years and have to be supervised after her release. She is also required to complete 800 hours of community service.

Obviously Jones is disappointed in the sentence, and had told the Judge that she was still nursing her infant son, who was born in July 2007. She will need to report to jail before March 11. Lawyers for Jones have asked that she serve at a prison camp for women in Bryan, Texas, so she could be near her family in neighboring Austin.

She has denied all along the use of any kind of performance enhancing drugs, but came forward last October and stated that she had lied to federal investigators in November 2003. She admitted that she took the steroid “the clear” from September 2000 to July 2001.

She admitted that in fact she did know about the check scam that Tim Montgomery (the father of her oldest son Monty) was involved in – a scheme that was devised to cash millions of dollars of forged or stolen checks. Montgomery has already been convicted.

At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Jones had won three gold and two bronze medals. Those medals have been returned and results have been erased from the books.

Do you think six months is enough time for Marion to serve, or do you think she should have gotten more?

See photos of Marion Jones after her sentencing below.

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