Shen Xue: Chinese Olympic Pairs Skater (Photos, Video)

February 16, 2010

Have you met Shen Xue? She is the Chinese Pairs Skater competing at the Winter Games in Vancouver. Keep reading to find out more details about her plus don’t miss Shen Xue photos and video below.

Shen Xue

Shen Xue skates with long time partner Zhao Hongbo, who is also her husband. After they announced their retirement, they came back in style during the 2009-2010 season.

She was born on November 13, 1978 in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, and today she lives in Shenzhen, Guandong. Shen and Zhao are part of the Harbin Skating Team, and these lovebirds started skating together in 1992. Shen Xue and her husband’s first competition was at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan. They won the silver at the 2000 Worlds, Bronze at the 2002 Winter Olympics, 2nd at 2003 Skate Canada, Gold at the 2003-04 Grand Prix Final, three gold medals at 2004 Skate America, Trophee Eric Bompard and Cup of China, won the 2004-05 Grand Prix, but unfortunately an injury to Zhao’s Achilles tendon left them out of the rest of that season. With a miraculous recovery they managed to compete at the 2006 Winter Olympics inn Turin, Italy where thy won the bronze.

They came back for the 2006-07 season, where they started by winning the 2006 NHK Trophee, Cup of China and gold at the Grand Prix Final in 2007. That same year they won the Asian Winter Games, the Four Continents Championships and the 2007 World Figure Skating Championships, where they announced their retirement.

But these natural born skaters couldn’t stay off the ice for long, they came back for the 2009-2010 season in time to win the 2009 Cup of China, Skate America, and on February 15 at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver they won the one medal they were longing to have, “The Gold”, when they landed in first place overall at the pairs free skate.

Important Facts about Shen Xue

  • Shen and Zhao were the 1st Chinese team to win a Medal (Silver) at the World Championships.
  • Her first coach was Yao bin, who is their coach now.
  • They announced they got engaged at the 2007 World Figure Skating Championships.
  • First Chinese team to win a medal (Bronze) at the Olympics.
  • She suffered a severe injury to her foot and ankle while attempting to perform a quadruple jump during training in 2003.
  • An injury to Zhao’s tendon left them out of the 2005-2006 season.
  • They got married after the 2007 World Figure Skating Championships.
  • They announced their retirement after they got married.
  • They came back for the 2009 Cup of China.
  • They won the gold medal at the 2010 Winter Games.
  • They are the first Chinese team to win Gold at the Olympics.
  • Nike is one of theirs sponsors.

Thank God they didn’t retire for real, going home with a gold medal must be a wonderful feeling for them. Keep an eye on this beautiful, gifted Chinese Olympic Pairs Skater, because I think that this won’t be her last gold and hopefully not, it is truly a delight to see her on the ice.

Take a look at some of Shen Xue photos here plus the video below.

Shen Xue photo2010 Winter Olympics Photo 1

Shen Xue Video

Photos: Vesperholly,

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