Dario Cologna: Swiss Cross Country Skier Wins Olympic Gold Medal (Photos, Video)

February 15, 2010

Do you know who is the Swiss Cross Country Skier who just won a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics? His name is Dario Cologna, he is indeed the young Swiss Athlete who is going to take the gold back to Switzerland. Keep reading to know more about this news, his biography, awards, plus some of Dario Bologna photos and video below.

Dario Cologna

Dario Cologna claimed the first gold for the Swiss Cross Country Skiing Team at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver when he won the 15 km free cross country skiing event. This awesome athlete was born in Santa Maria Val Müstair on March 11, 1986. Dario went to Primary School in Müstair, and later secondary school in Müstair.

Dario is the strong skier who totally dominates at both disciplines – sprint and distance, his impeccable skills helped him earn 9th place in sprint and 2nd in distance at the 2009 World Cup. He suffered a minor injury that year, but was back in no time. At the 2008 World Cup he won second place at the 30 km event in France. He landed 37th overall and ended up in the top places a couple of times. The 2006 FIS Cross Country World Cup in Kuusamo, Finland was the event that Dario Cologna made his skiing debut.

Facts about Dario Cologna.

  • He is the first Swiss cross country skier to win a gold medal.
  • The song “Hop-hop-hop Dario” by Ils Lumpazs, is dedicated to Dario by fans who wish him luck.
  • Dario also used to be part of the Junior Bike Team Lass, the soccer team FC Tures.
  • He is part of the Val Müstair Ski team.
  • Dario is an ambassador for Right to Play.

Keep an eye on this incredible Swiss Cross Country Skier, he won gold today, and probably his search for more is not complete, but just beginning. Meanwhile, take a look at some Dario Cologna photos here and his video below.

Dario Cologna Photo2010 Winter Olympics Photo

Dario Cologna Video

Photos: Wikipedia.org/ Takleven, www.wenn.com

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