Seth Wescott: U.S. Snowboarder Wins Olympic Gold Medal

February 15, 2010

What’s the latest with Seth Wescott? Well, congratulations are in order as the U.S. snowboarder wins the Olympic Gold medal in the Men’s Snowboard Cross event. Read more about his victory, plus see more Seth Wescott photos and video below.

Seth Wescott

Whew, what a close race it was – at the end, that is! Seth Wescott of the U.S., and Canadian Mike Robertson were as close as you could get heading into the last jump, and in the end it was Wescott who proved victorious as he passed Robertson in the air.

Wescott, who was able to catch up to Robertson with his jumps, defended his title, after having won the gold in the same event at the 2006 Turin Olympics.

France’s Tony Ramoin secured the bronze medal. Early on in the final, American Nate Holland fell and wound up in fourth.

As a biography, here is what we know about Seth Wescott, the handsome U.S. snowboarder. Born in Durham, North Carolina in June of 1976, this Olympic Gold Medal winner is 32 years of age. He is 6’1″ and weighs 195 pounds. He currently makes his home in Sugarloaf, Maine.

He strapped on the skis when he was just 8 years old but two years of that and he was already tired of them, so he switched to snowboarding.

In his 22 years on the snowboard, Wescott has amassed several championship titles, awards and gold medals. They are too numerous to mention, but here are some notable career moments:

FIS Snowboarding World Championships: At Kreischberg in 2003 – Silver Medal, in 2007 at Arosa – Silver Medal and won Gold in 2005 at Whistler.

X Games Medals: He received the bronze at the 2007 X Games, and received three silver medals in 2004, 2005 and again in 2010.

Olympics: As mentioned above, Gold at the 2006 Turin Games and today, Gold in Vancouver.

Here’s a tidbit about Wescott – he owns (since 2005) a restaurant in Sugarloaf called “The Rack”.

Our hearty congratulations to this U.S. snowboarder as he wins the Olympic Gold Medal for the second time in his second Olympic appearance. You can see more Seth Wescott pictures and video of his win below.

Seth Wescott


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