Felix Loch: German Luger Wins Olympic Gold Medal

February 14, 2010

Meet Felix Loch. The German Luger won the Olympic Gold medal in the luge event today. Read more about his win, read a biography plus see photos and video of Felix Loch below.

Felix Loch

Felix Loch – pictured in the middle

Loch’s win was just days after Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed during a practice run on Friday. The Opening Ceremonies were dedicated to the 21-year-old who hailed from Georgia.

After the tragic accident on Friday, changes were made to the track to make it more safe. The men’s start was moved to where the women start, and this angered some of the athletes, claiming there was little practice time on the new course.

After four heats (he had the fastest time in each heat), Loch’s time was 3 min 13.085 seconds. Fellow German David Moeller took the silver and Armin Zoeggler, of Italy won the bronze.

Speaking of his win and the change in the course, Loch said:

“It was the right decision. I was worried that I wouldn’t do so well, but it’s ok, it’s great. My dad, he is very happy for me.”

As a biography on Felix Loch, here is what we know of the German Luger. He is 20 years of age, born in Sonneburg, Germany. The handsome young man stands a 6’3″ and weighs 202 pounds.

It’s really no surprise as to how Loch got involved in the sport of Luge, as mentioned above, his father is the German Olympic luge coach.

In addition to his Olympic gold medal win today, he has won the gold at the 2008 World Championships in Oberhof (men’s singles *at 18 and was the youngest to win the event* and mixed team) and at the 2009 World Championships in Lake Placid (men’s singles and mixed team).

Having already won several titles and only being 20 years old, this is just the beginning. With his athleticism, we will be seeing much much more of this young man for years to come.

Again, our congratulations to the German luger on his Olympic Gold medal win. You can see more Felix Loch photos below. Video of his win will be up shortly, when it becomes available, so check back soon!

Felix Loch photo

Photos: Wikipedia.org/Hagen Frey

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