Hannah Kearney U.S Moguls Skier Wins Olympic Gold Medal

February 14, 2010

Meet Hannah Kearney, she is the amazing  U.S Olympic Moguls skier who just won her first gold at this 2010 Winter Olympics. Keep reading to know the rest of her life, achievements and more plus take a look at some of Hannah Kearney’s photos and video Below.

Mogul Skier

Hannah might just have won a gold medal, but her beginnings go back to the late 80’s. Let’s start…Hannah was born on February 26, 1986 in Norwich, Vermont. Like many other skiers she started skiing when she was just a toddler, at two to be exact. During her childhood she spent her time playing with the many pets she had at home, running track, playing soccer at Hanover High School and taking ski lessons at Ford Sayre. She later joined Nick Preston’s Black and Blue Trail Smashers Team in Waterville Valley. She sure was a very active young lady, but you can’t blame her, both of her parents are into sports, her mom is a sports director back home and her dad was a basketball coach. Her brother Denny is a major hockey player at Yale. Hannah graduated from Hanover in 2004.

Hannah gave her full attention to moguls later on, and by the time she was 17 she won her first competition at the 2004 Junior World Championships. In Japan’s 2005 World Cup, she ranked 22nd at the the 2006 Winter Games in Turin, but an injury to her knee left her out of the 2007 World championships. In 2009 she won the title at the Word Cup and a bronze medal at the 2009 FIS World Championship. She eventually earned her spot on the Olympic Team. In the 2010 Winter Olympics she won her first gold and fellow skiers Shannon Bahrke won the silver and Jennifer Heil the bronze.

For the beautiful Hannah Kearney this is just the beginning in her successful Olympic moguls skiing career, her youth and powerful skill will lead her in a long path full of medals.

Facts About Hannah

  • She carries her knitting with her all the times – it calms her.
  • She grew up in a house full of bunnies, dogs, Goats, chickens and horses.

Check out a Hannah Kearney video below.

Winter Olympics Photo 1 2

Hannah Kearney Video.

Photos: Wikipedia.org/Charles J Sharp, www.wenn.com

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